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Myra D'Souza

Director of Policy, Governance & Procedure

Myra was recently selected as one of Canada’s top 50 most diverse persons to sit on FP500 boards by The Canadian Board Diversity Council. She is the President of Global Diversity Training and brings a wealth of global governance and leadership experience.

With a degree in Political Science, Human Resources and Psychology, Myra has initiated community programs such as the Grocery Shopping Bus Service, which takes seniors living in apartment buildings shopping once a week for free. She has also helped build homes in Mexico for the poor.

Her board experience includes the Citizen’s Advisory Committee (Corrections Canada), Calgary Co­op, and the Calgary Aboriginal Initiative. In addition, she sits on several committees and was a former director of the Southwest Communities Association.

Having taught board governance for the province of Alberta with the Board Development Program, Myra is a passionate volunteer and cooperative supporter and has represented Canada at the United Nations on human rights.